In August 2014, Alan Brown spent a day in the Auckland Town Hall Concert Chamber, recording a series of spontaneous improvised pieces of music. The concept was that the direction and form of the music would be informed by the acoustic environment. Silent Observer was released in 2015, which featured 12 pieces of music from that day.

The album received positive reviews, even being featured on the US-based
Ambient Music Guide Best Albums of 2015.

The current album Composure, is compiled from a further selection of 12 tracks from that same day. While Alan intended to release them at some point, the real impetus came from a local music critic who mentioned that they would like to have heard all three hours of music from the recording session.

Those Steinway notes hang suspended in the still air with long delays (enhanced by the production) and as before this is a collection of 12 pieces designed to create a sense of thoughtful rest and ease while also allowing the mind to create its own images.
Or enjoy the lack of them.
Lay down all thoughts, surrender to the . . .
Graham Reid,

It is a solo piano album but much more. Here, the minutiae of the sonic world are revealed and important ambient sounds which are often overlooked. In our busy modern lives, we drown in sonic overload. Here in Composure, the very essence of sound is explored, nurtured, curated, given wings. There is an incredible floating quality to these tracks and the effects are otherworldly, but this is a world beginning at Brown’s fingertips. A world that exists inside a Steinway D piano, an empty concert chamber; in places overlooked. There are faint sounds of the street present and other ‘found’ environmental sounds. These are present as breakthrough sound, loops or drones, adding texture and depth.
John Fenton,