John Fenton

 “Alan’s already impeccable writing skills have been surpassed here, because these charts are everything that an improvising band could hope for.   It is ECM meets Funk and surprisingly it works perfectly.   In my view Ode Records should talk to ECM’s Manfred Eicher about this group, as everyone would gain by the exchange…it has not been off my Hi Fi since getting it home.   If you have any love of Jazz Funk buy this CD and if you don’t buy it anyway because someone you know will be happy to appropriate it.” – John Fenton,

Gary Steel

“…In Alan Brown we have…a compositional flavour that, at its best, makes for some quietly captivating listening…Between The Spaces is nicely recorded, and it’s obvious that care has been taken over every aspect of its gestation. It’s a fine thing.” – Gary Steel,

Graham Reid

“...this is a world class, sometimes elegant and always diverting collection of originals where the hallmarks are quality playing and a singular commitment of purpose…Very smart stuff. Recommended.” – Graham Reid,

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