Silent Observer is a collection of ambient piano improvisations, recorded at the Auckland Town Hall Concert Chamber. The concept behind the process was to choose a space or recording environment, and allow that space to inform the direction of the music.

“The album sounds spacious and resonant, and the ambiences of the hall ring clear within the music. The space Brown leaves in his improvisation gives him an opportunity to respond to the atmosphere, but also creates an atmosphere within itself. Thus listeners find themselves placed in an intriguing position where they’re able to focus both on the mood created by the relationship between the space and instrumentalist, and also on the dynamics of the relationship between instrumentalist and space. In the simplest terms, this album uses the space quite literally as an instrument” -
Sam Carswell, NZ Musician.

Released April 23 2015, purchase and download via the Bandcamp viewer on the right.

“Ambient music is very much the less-is-more idea.

And this wonderfully understated but intelligently-less album by Brown (always rewarding for the long resonance of the spare notes as much as the interpolation of Dylan Thomas' distant but lilting voice in one key place) is by definition perfectly realised ambience.

If you have a crowded life (and really, who doesn't?) or just want to hear exceptional, minimal and melodic piano music which is as ignorable as it is enjoyable then this is an album you should have.

It is for those times when you need to find the space between those innumerable noisy notes that deafen our days.

Yes. Wonder-full.” -
Graham Reid,