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Sounding Out
A favourite tune that was a result of allowing my various musical influences free reign, and not being worried about writing a 'jazz' tune. The title has a few meanings but the key one is the idea of exploring and attempting to articulate my emotions and passions. This tune inspired a creative writing phase from where many of the compositions on this album originate. PDF
The Dancer & Chess
The unusual title comes from an autobiography by the great jazz bassist, Charlie Mingus. The reference is to the nicknames he gave two 'inmates' in the asylum he checked himself into. The subsequent observation that Mingus gives about the decisions that some people make in regards to the classification of 'insane', is quite revealing. Anyway, I like the superimposition of time and the momentum that it gives to this tune. PDF
State Of Mind
A ballad I wrote a few years ago. Nathan's haunting soprano sax brings this tune to life. Beautiful. PDF
Do Not Track
I like writing tunes driven from strong bass lines - somehow it also tends to make the juxtaposition of shifting time signatures less confusing! I wrote this to also highlight the low end of the Pavel bass, as it sounds so good!! The unusual title comes from the 'button' some web browsers want to add, so that certain search engines don't record your browser history preferences and 'suggest' sites. As if clicking the button makes us somehow 'safe' from all that... PDF
This is the oldest tune on the album, as the original version of this was released on a Blue Train EP called 'Fun In The World' back in 2000. The original version can be heard online here. (Click the Listen Now button, and on the pop-up player, select the playlist 'Fun In The World'). I revisited this tune whilst writing some of these other ones, and realised that it worked really well in 7/4 with the bridge in 5/4. Putting it in this more organic band setting and adding strings brought this to life for me. PDF
Broken Dreams
I originally brought this tune along to the Grand Central Band rehearsals, when we were looking at the possibility of a new GC Band album, which sadly never eventuated. Chris Melville wrote lyrics for it, so the credit for the title goes to him! I wanted to include it on this album as an instrumental, and so re-wrote the time signature to be 11/8 rather than 6/8. (The accented bridge section was always in 11 as an instrumental break for the vocal version). PDF
Between The Spaces
This came about from a chord sequence I was playing around with. I didn't think to much of it, until the melody came into my head and I pursued it. Being a fan of creative writers like Thom Yorke and Radiohead, I like adding cyclical coda sections, as well as polyrhythmic effects between harmony and rhythm. This tune absolutely suited Thomas's wonderful acoustic bass playing. Not sure why it's called Between The Spaces exactly, but it may be something to do with the idea behind the guitar weaving around us at the end. I like the title anyway, hence the album name! PDF
Sustainable Resources
Another title based on a phrase that somehow seems to justify humanity's penchant for rampant consumerism...This tune was inspired by saxophonist Chris Potter's Underground. Also a nod to an early Blue Train tune. Wonderful solos by Marika (with her 'Prunes & Custard' pedal), and Jono Sawyer. PDF
A Hebrew word that has many depths of meaning, but in general terms means inspiration. This ballad was a result of being inspired in my writing process from many different sources. PDF
Jazz Drum N' Bass..! I wrote this a couple of years back originally for a university composition assignment, but NEEDED to record it with these guys when this project began. The bass 'scale' which carries the theme is actually just two Lydian tetrachords (4-note scales), separated by a semitone (if you're interested)! Crazy sound but it somehow works... 'Phonology' is the title of one of the incredible series of lectures that Leonard Bernstein gave at Harvard in 1973, entitled 'The Unanswered Question'. Musical phonology refers to the structure, syntax and patterns of the language of music. PDF
My wife said once that she thought I often wrote film music (or what sounded like it to her). I took that as a compliment, as I have always been inspired by film music, ever since Psycho (yes, and Jaws, Star Wars etc...!). Anyway I decided to make this piece quite 'cinematic' with even an acknowledgement of the minimalist composer Phil Glass, in the middle section. Complete with the very dynamic coda, this is a bit of an epic!! PDF
I guess the title really explains the concept of this piece - pulling a lot of the various elements and instrumentation together that I love. Aspects of rock, electronica, jazz and classical are forged into this tune, but it's one that resonates deeply with me. Once again, Nathan's playing completes this with a beautiful flute solo. PDF
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This Time
To Remember
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This Time
Another tune which is a few years old, which I have been meaning to record for a while. I often play this as a solo piano piece, but it worked so well with Thomas' acoustic bass, that we recorded it as a duo. I love the shifting harmony and cyclical nature of this tune. PDF
To Remember
Also featuring Thomas Botting on acoustic bass. I had been sitting on the main harmony for months when this melody popped into my head. From that point, the rest of the tune wrote itself! A positive tune, mixed with the quiet, reflection of the bridge - hence the title. PDF
One of the first tunes I wrote with this project in mind and also one of the first we recorded. Unfortunately it never made it to the album, but now it's available here. I guess I'm a fan of the hidden meanings behind words such as Captivated! PDF